Dem to Tap into Grassroots in Challenge

Thursday, February 27, 2014The Hill

By Alexandra Jaffe --  

Democrats and conservatives have both tried to take down centrist Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) for years, to no avail.

But can a pro-pot, anti-NSA challenger finally be the one to topple the popular three-term incumbent? Democrat Shenna Bellows says yes. 

The former head of the Maine American Civil Liberties Union is one of a line of progressive candidates emerging this cycle who have been dubbed “Elizabeth Warren Democrats” for their willingness to push unabashedly progressive positions that had previously been third-rail issues, like marijuana legalization and single-payer healthcare.

But it’s those issues, Bellows said, that will help her galvanize Democrats come Election Day.

“Democrats in Maine are fired up. The base in Maine is more enthusiastic than ever before,” she said.

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