Bellows Endorsed by Maine Environmental Leaders

Tuesday, February 25, 2014Press Release

Today, top environmentalists across Maine endorsed Shenna Bellows for the United States Senate.  In an open letter, key leaders  wrote:

"We believe climate change is one of the most serious threats we face as a state, a nation, and a planet ... We need leaders in Washington, like Shenna Bellows, who understand the magnitude of the threat we face and have the courage and vision to advance positive change." [1]

“I have made climate change one of my top three campaign priorities because climate change poses a significant threat to human rights and our planet.  We cannot afford to wait any longer,” said Bellows. “We need bold leadership in Washington to commit to a goal of a 100 percent clean-energy economy.  We need to pursue a fossil-fuel free energy future, starting now.”

Among those who signed the letter include Brownie Carson, a respected environmental leader in Maine. “It’s exciting to see a young person with her intelligence and work ethic enter the race for United States Senate,” said Carson, who resides in Harpswell. “Shenna has made environmental protection, particularly climate change, a key part of her campaign platform, and she speaks passionately and articulately about the science and potential solutions.”

Meredith Small of Bath, a leader renowned for her work against toxic chemicals, also signed on to endorse Shenna. “Shenna will be an excellent advocate for our environment as Maine’s next U.S. Senator,” said Small. “In her civil rights work, she has proven her ability to build unusual coalitions to advance positive change.”

In addition to Brownie Carson and Meredith Small, the list of signatories includes:  Becky Bartovics, Phil Bartlett, Senator Jim Boyle, Kris Clark, Mike Herz, Joseph Higdon, Daniel Hildreth, Jon Hinck, Senator Chris Johnson, Beth Nagusky, Marilyn Moss Rockefeller, Nisha Swinton, Steve Taylor, and Clinton “Bill” Townsend.

Bellows’ strong passion for science and the environment dates back to her youth, when she worked as a research assistant for several summers during high school and college at the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory, where she was published for her work with a scientist on acid-base transfer in the long-horned sculpin. Bellows currently serves on the Manchester Conservation Commission in her town.

Just recently, the League of Conservation Voters released their annual National Environmental Scorecard, which grades each member of Congress based on his or her environmental voting record.  Republican Susan Collins scored only a 69% on her record of standing up for the environment. [2] To environmentalists’ dismay, Republican Susan Collins voted for the Keystone XL Pipeline, against clean energy tax incentives, and against water protections. [3][4][5]By contrast, Senator Angus King received a score of 92%. [6]